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Chilean Nature is proud to collaborate with a number of different conservation NGO's both in Chile and South Africa. We support our chosen NGO's providing our wildlife photographs to raise awareness, and donating part of our sales. For every purchase made in our site, a donation will be made to one of our associated NGO's.

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Endangered Rhino Conservation

ERC combats the war on rhinos by assisting anti-poaching teams, veterinarians, conservationists and air support teams who struggle every day for the rhino’s survival.


Each day 3 rhinos are lost to the brutality of poaching. South Africa is home to 80% of the world’s 25,000 rhinos and 35% of the rhino population is in private reserves. Protecting them is a costly endeavor and ERC relies solely on private donations and visitors.

Headed by Dr. Lynne MacTavish, ERC works to ensure the protection and survival of rhinos in the wild through raising awareness, education, funding conservation, anti-poaching and research to ensure the preservation of a core population of white rhinos in South Africa.

For every photo product sold of African wildlife, Chilean Nature will donate part of the earnings to Endangered Rhino Conservation. To know more about ERC, visit their website:

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Andean Wildlife Rescue Centre

The Andean Wildlife Rescue Centre (CEREFAN for spanish name) is a non-profit organization whose job is to rescue, rehabilitate and release Andean wildlife in an effort for preserve biodiversity mainly in Central Chile.

Created in 2019 in the Aconcagua Valley, they have attended more than 90 cases derived from the National Wildlife Institution and privates, with ailments mainly linked to the intervention of the human being in their environment: traps, shooting, attacks by domestic or feral animals, traffic, among others.

CEREFAN is financed exclusively with the contributions of their partners and the work team itself. They are currently in the campaign to increase their of partners network to solve basic expenses and be able to continue their work in wildlife conservation.

For every photo product sold of Chilean Nature, we will donate part of the earnings to the Andean Wildlife Rescue Centre. If you want to know more about CEREFAN, visit their Fanpage:

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