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Darío de la Fuente - Kruger

About Chilean Nature

Chilean Nature was created on 2012 as a wildlife photography webpage with a big dream: to bring the people closer to wilderness. Nature is everywhere, and it only takes a little patience and a bit of knowledge to open your world to magic of it.

Nature photography is a great way to start. In days where we never have enough time, having a camera in your hands will make you pay closer attention to details, your explorer instinct will arise. There is so much you might be missing! Sooner than later you'll find yourself crawling, climbing and getting into adventures all to find the spot for your perfect picture. 

Chile, home of some of the most diverse ecosystems, landscapes and wildlife, has the perfect scenary for nature photography. Here you can explore all kinds of environments, from the most arid desert in the North to the idyllic  and wild Patagonia in the South. Exploring Chilean Nature is a unique experience.

This is why Chilean Nature promotes activities related to wildlife photography and conservation. We focus on three aspects: the respect for nature, the dissemination of our natural heritage and the accesibility of our products. Photography expositions, tours and courses are some of our iniciatives, always in collaboration with local comunities.

About me

My name is Darío de la Fuente. I'm a 29 years old Chilean, who has always been passionate about wildlife conservation and photography.

I studied Environmental Engineering, but my great passion has always been photography. I've spent countless hours on different courses and workshops to improve my technique. I've been working on wildlife management for the last 6 years, which has provided me with a lot of time in the field. This has allowed me to see and photograph amazing landscapes and species of both fauna and flora. I have always felt the need to show the nature that surround us, that’s why I started Chilean Nature.

What I look for in my work is usually an aesthetic frame and a complete gallery. I often look for bright colors, textures and connection with the subject. Sometimes I try to make images of wildlife within its environment, other times I want to get closer and focus on the details. Composition is a huge factor for me, as well as variety, in order to build a dynamic album.

Conservation has been the main engine that gets me up in the morning to go outdoors in search of wildlife and new experiences. With conservation in my mind and my camera in my hand, I've travelled Chile far and wide, along with other 8 countries, including South Africa, Peru and Ecuador.

Photography, combined with my love for wildlife, conservation and travelling, has made me the person I am today.